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A Warrior Still

Ebook and Paperback available on Amazon HERE

"Seeing Kent always triggered memories of that day in the Ronilian jungle: the lightning bolt of pain that had shot throughout his hands and nervous system, the sulfuric scent of gunpowder mixed with the metallic scent of blood, a brainwashed Kent trying to kill him, and his emerald-eyed savior Jane. Carson’s breathing accelerated as it did whenever these thoughts invaded his mind. He squeezed the steering wheel. His knuckles turned white and he glared at his hands as he did every day, hoping in vain that his fingers would grow back."


Marine Corps veteran Carson Colt wants to live up to his legendary father, but one ambush on the Caribbean island of Ronilia rips that possibility away from him. With finger fragments blown off, Carson is medically discharged from the Marines and his dream of being like his Medal of Honor-winning father is shattered. But everything changes when Carson is approached by Karina Nava, a Ronilian-born musician who is being pursued by the same crime syndicate that wounded him.

Cover art by Bespoke Book Covers

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